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Jassy's Bio:

Wow! Where do I begin?????

Well – let me first tell you all about little ol me: I am a 22 Jersey gal, just graduated college in May with a double major in psych and elementary education.

My Loves

Anyway – let's move onto my past relationships:

This is a FUN topic – something I am ALWAYS discussing – I have dated many different people, all whom were VERY different.

I started dating when I was about 14 or 15 – the guys I dated then were – well, let's just say immature.

I have only had ONE "serious" relationship in my past (which sadly ended in January), and this is where I got my heart broken into a MILLION tiny pieces! I am still recovering. So, I know ALL about heartbreak – and what healing is all about!

My serious relationship with "J" was very intense; he was my total opposite (you know what they say opposites attract), but we just clicked somehow. The relationship was intense and amazing – I am sure I will never experience anything like it again!

My Favorite Platitudes

You live, you learn.

Someday your prince will come.

Relationships come into your life for a reason, and when the come to an end, they do this for a reason also.

Why I Want To Be a Panelist

I think I would be a GREAT panelist because I relate SO well to people. Friends ALWAYS come to me for advice in their relationships. I read a lot of books and magazines and I have a lot to offer on the subject. I am also a great listener and LOVE to help people with problems. Lastly, I have dated so many people who are SO different (i.e "jock", "bad boy", "married", "gay", "theatre boy" "model") that I think I can relate to pretty much anyone! To tell you the truth – I have seen it all!

I also LOVE to write and feel creative when doing it – so I can combine some of my favorite things into one!





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