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I'm a 26-year-old woman who is going through some major life changing events right now. I have a college degree in English, and absolutely CRAVE learning. I read constantly, just about anything that I can get my hands on, and think way too much.

Quote Monger

I am writer and journalist. I have two published poems to my name and several dozen news articles. I lived in England for a while, and I have a permanent case of wanderlust. I am a quote monger. If you need a quote for a situation, I'm quite sure that I can find it for you. I have an acute love of science, especially the environment and biology.

A Modern Dating Victim

I am currently dating someone who I believe is "the one." He is my first boyfriend, but not for lack of guys. I am a "modern" dating victim: most of my most recent dates before (and including) my guy were the result of an Internet personal.

Every Relationship Is a Work of Art

Every relationship is an individual creation, a work of art. It must looked at that way. Certain things that apply in one situation may have nothing to do with another. What works for some will not work for others.

Some relationships require constant vigilance and attendance by those involved, and other seem to maintain themselves. But someone said to me that if something is meant to be it will work itself out. And I believe that relationships that are work, do work. (Though there's a balance between it's being work and being a chore.) Romance and passion will die down in any relationship. It's the small quite space between a hot romance and great friendship where we truly find a beloved.

I recently suffered a serious personal breakdown that almost drove me and my guy apart for good. I thought about suicide, and realized that I needed help, right away. I am in therapy which seems to be helping me tremendously. I still live at home with my parents, and the therapy is helping me there as well. My guy and I are working quite well now, and we're rolling along merrily.

I have spent most of my young life observing my friends make mistakes in their relationships, blind themselves to very important things, and stay in relationships that were long dead. I myself am a virgin (for now). I think that most of my advice now comes from observation rather than participation, and sometimes that's the best (though harshest) kind. "Truth is a great gift. To know truth, greater gift. To accept it, the greatest."

That's not say that I haven't met my share of losers and guys that wouldn't work out. I was once told, while dating someone that I knew wasn't going to work out, "Oh, just date him for fun." That might work for them, but why should I spend time and effort in a relationship that I will ultimately terminate? That would hurt me and them far more than I was willing to hurt someone.

Vipissana Buddhism

Because of the horrible breakdown that I went through, I have become far more philosophical about life. I have begun to practice Vipissana Buddhism (insight meditation) and I believe that it is bringing me to higher level of understanding and appreciation of life. I am considering pursuing a master's degree in Historical Theology and Religious Studies. I found out who my real friends are, and while truth is one of the most important things in life, sometimes it's painful, and you have to BE VERY CAREFUL with how you tell someone something that could hurt them.




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