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I grew up in Ocean, NJ. I attended college at WVU and graduated with a degree in Sociology and in Communications. I am now working as an Engineer Tech at PSE&G, Central Electric Distribution, in Somerset N.J.

I am male, 5'9 and 160 lbs. I love to work out, party, and watch movies.

I am a volunteer at a home for medically fragile children. It is called St. Clare's Home for children. They are the my pride and joy. Such strong kids.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

I can't narrow down my view on relationships to one specific philosophy. But my general idea is that relationship take the efforts of both sides.

People need to understand each other. And the best possible thing to do is to put yourself in the others' shoes in every situation you are trying to understand. There are people in relationships who do things with a very specific intention and others who do things out of anxiety or uncertainty.

I've Been a Both Player, and a Dedicated Boyfriend


Jimmy's answers are sassy and fun to read.

I don't know how different my viewpoint is, but I have been your typical player/single guy and a dedicated and emotional boyfriend. I have been with young women and older women. Women of all differnent races also. By putting myself in the other person's shoes I feel I have a better understanding of their thought process and intentions.

Jimmy the Transformer



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