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I am a 27-year-old elementary school teacher.  I describe myself as a realistic Christian. By this I mean that I am Christian and attempt to live my life as God designed. However, I realize that this is often difficult for many people. I am both conservative and liberal depending on the topic. In many ways I will be your "center ground." The current panel does not represent my age group or my philosophy nor does it include a single woman. You also do not have anyone with quite the relationship experience that I have.

I have been involved in several long-term relationships over the years. I have even been engaged twice. I have dated an abusive drug addict, a manic-depressive, a first generation immigrant and a father of two. I have learned something from each of my relationships, a little about men and a lot about myself.

I believe that the purpose of dating is to find a life partner suitable for marriage. Therefore, the dating process can be likened to adjusting a periscope as you "zoom in" on your target. As each relationship ends, we are given another opportunity to fine-tune our coordinates and zero in on exactly what we are looking for (i.e. not quite that sensitive, perhaps a little bit taller). Even so called "failed" relationships have a value in providing a template of what we don't want. Love is not an exact science and thereby requires a lot of trial and error.

I am currently single but I have adjusted my periscope yet again and I hold out hope that my "target" is out there somewhere. I believe that I can help your readers to find their own targets.




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