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Kalia's Bio:

Hello! My name is Kalia!

I am a 25-year-old woman who is married to a beautiful man, cranking out beautiful babies and enjoying the frequent company of beautiful women!

I started college when I was 16, graduated when I was 21 and have spent my life balancing my time between the beach, the bars and parading as Little Miss Corporate America! I am a very likable, active, honest and happy person, or at least I think so!

Some interesting stats on me and my relationship history:

Age 12: first serious boyfriend (He was 18, he thought I was 18 too!)

Age 14: first affair, my sister's boyfriend (He was 28, knew I was 14. Not a good guy.)

Age 16: lost my virginity (This one continues for the next few years. I keep losing it!)

Age 16: first of my many affairs with married men (Yes, I WAS a horrible person)

Age 16: first encounter with a woman (She was 26 and was one of my party friends.)

Age 18: engaged! (Wow!!! Already?? But you're so young)

Age 18: not engaged! (That's what happens when you cheat on your fiancee!)

Age 20: engaged again! (To a much, much, much better guy)

Age 20: met my soon-to-be husband and struck up a friendship (He was my supervisor at work!)

Age 21: not engaged! (We made better friends than anything)

Age 21: started dating my current husband (Later moved in with him)

Age 23: moved my girlfriend in with us (Great sex--bad roommate!)

Age 24: engaged to my current husband (I get the feeling men are trying to tie me down! HA!)

Age 25: happily married, having my first child and still enjoying the ladies when I can! (I can't give up ALL my vices!)

Exhausting, isn't it?? Mix in hundreds of dates (seriously), almost as many boyfriends and more sexual partners than I would ever care to mention. And so I find myself here at Love & Learn, because I have, indeed, "loved" and "learned". I've loved and learned A LOT!

I've learned that honesty and sweetness can make any relationship work and that communication is key!! I don't think that anyone truly knows it all, especially about love, etc., but I would love to pass on advice because I know how hard it is to go through things without good advice and without an honest friend. So trust me -- I've probably been




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