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 Dating in the 90's


Dating in the 90's is definitely different than dating in previous decades. !NOT! Whiners complain that this is the hardest decade to meet someone, STD's are rampant, males won't commit, there's more women than men (more men than women), the government is falling apart, etc., etc., etc. GIMME A BREAK! The only thing that I can see that is different is that there are just too danged many baby boomers. And we're becoming pretty long in the tooth. The basic rules don't change-only the current naming convention for those rules.

Look at common dating obstacles, e.g. understanding women. The current paradigm is to treat women like Venusians, in the 60's, it was treat them like men, and before that it was treat them like women (which is now what we refer to as Venusians). Ok, I think I get IT-IT's all about males are DIFFERENT from females, right?

Or how about sexually those transmitted diseases? The latest STD now is AIDS, before that it was herpes, and before that it was VD. Geez, it's always been use protection or go without! What has changed here? For every new dating problem that suddenly seems catastrophic to the 90's dating challenged, previous generations have seen it already. Instead of concentrating on what is different, we should be looking at what is the same, cut out the whining, and read more Dr. Ruth.

The worst thing about dating in the 90's has just gotta be baby boomers abounding. What could be worse than being around a group of people who have been through the free-loving 60's, disco 70's, merge & make-it 80's, and are STILL looking for their perfect match? Whether they're working on their third marriage, or still single, it's amazing that it's always about THEM! Maybe it's because they control the music, the market, and the money. Maybe it IS about them.

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