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 First Dates

I have had my share of first dates. I find it important to establish "hand" in these affairs. Who will be alpha and who will be submissive. Who will be the gift and who will be the receiver. Who is the revered and who the reveree. Once that is established, we can go on to the business of actually getting to know more about each other.

Some first dates are inquisitions. I have been grilled about my job, my friends, my offspring requirements, my health. This is good preparation for job interviewers, telemarketers, government survey takers, parents, etc. Although it is good practice, it doesn't bode well for the date. The other person involved with this date may become cognizant of this as my answers become more imaginative.

Some first dates become escape attempts. I realize that I don't want to be with this woman. I envision activities that I would rather be doing. I imagine how to be doing those activities rather than being longer in the present company. As visualization merges with reality, escape is achieved.

And then there are the first dates that are actually pleasurable. In psychological behavior experimentation, it has been shown that random positive reinforcements tend to greatly increase a connected activity. I'm still going on first dates. I do remember actually connecting with women and being glad that we spent time together. It happens.

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