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 Being a Guy

the worst thing about being a guy

It's not popular to be a guy anymore. Guys are blamed for everything. If the dance step doesn't work, it's the guy's fault. If the date doesn't go well, it's the guy's fault. Guys are too forward, they're not forward enough, they don't understand women, they don't have a clue, they aren't sensitive, they are just too "male". It's tough to be a guy nowadays. I know it's a fashion thing. Bellbottoms are coming back. I know that one day, being male will be back in vogue, and I can start blaming the true culprits, women, once again.

what is romance?

Most guys wouldn't know romance if a dozen roses smacked them on the face. Guys would merely feel the thorns scraping their skin away. We haven't had the right daydreams. We don't think enough about pleasing the other sex; we think about sexing to please. Why do guys feel this way? Is it too much sports? Perhaps testosterone quenches the romance drive, while estrogen enhances romance. Perhaps guys feel that things should be easy. Why do we have to work so hard at something that should just BE there?

is single bad?

It's all in perception. How could being single be bad? You get to do anything you want, whenever you want to do it. How many times have you complained about not calling yourself? How many times have you had to see "Shakespeare in Love" instead of "Star Trek: Insurrection"? How many times have you had to eat quiche instead of a chili cheeseburger? Do you know any couples who both want to do the same thing? Who don't always speak of compromise? Compromise coming home at 3 in the morning sometime. How many times would YOU be with yourself for 24 hours a day if you didn't have to? Being single can't be all bad.

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