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Dating in the 90's First Dates Being a Guy Lefty's Answers

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Ok, let me give you some background on myself. You might be interested in why my impressions are flavored the way they are before you read another opinionist who would be more politically correct than me, or at least more grammatically correct. Or not.

I work as a computer programmer, and it's not true that every programmer is an overweight, workaholic, nerdy person who communicates better with a computer than with a member of the opposite sex. I'm not a workaholic. And my mom says I'm not overweight.

Many of the women I meet assume that there is something wrong with a 40+ male who has never been married and/or divorced. I cannot convince them that they are wrong. However, in purely defensive tones I tell them that I have never met the "right" woman. Which, of course these women cannot be if they are accusing me of something already. So my views are normally slanted towards being defensive, self-righteous, yuppie, and I don't blame men for everything.

I have participated in sports for many years. Therefore, like so many males before me, I throw in sporting analogies every now and then. I often think that the rules of relationships should be more like softball rules. At least then I would know what we all are arguing about, and the umpire would have the last say. And yes, I've had all the definitions in emails of "getting to first base", "hitting a triple", and "homeruns"; and they're STUPID.


I agree with everything Lefty has said, and I'm female!

Ok, so maybe Dr. Laura has nothing to fear from me. But then again, I have nothing to fear from her either.




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