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Hi - I'm the woman who wrote the letter to love and learn (why is my divorce scaring him off)I just read the response today 9/29/1999 to my question.  It's been two months now and I have not heard a word from Mr. Wonderful although he is in and out of my work place often(he owns a contracting company in which my employer has hired to perform some renovations on).  I have not seen him personally, but friends have run into him on occations.  I do agree with both Linda & Susan....I think he became scared and confused and when I presented him an easy way out of the relationship he took it.  I do believe that he cared about me and maybe he still does, he said and did way too much for it all to be lie.  It has been a hard couple of months on both myself and my son.  I truely loved and trusted this man and he gave me every indication to trust and believe in him, but what he did to me at the end was totally uncalled for.  It was both hurtfu! l and mean not to mention what a coward he was to not confront me or at least return one of the two messages I left for him.  He still has some of my clothes, shoes his vacation house - I guess I'll never see them again.  Mr. Wonderful is still in my thoughts and I think of him often and that really sucks.  My head says move on but my heart won't fully let go.  Everyday gets better, then I still have the bad day that sets me back - expecially when I know he is close by (working in the building I work at).  I'm trying so very hard to be strong. At work I don't show any emotions because I don't want anyone to know that he hurt me as bad as he did, so I wear a big smile and pretend everything is great.

To Mr. Wonderful - thank you :)  Because of what you did to me I took a really long and hard look at myself and where I was at in my life.  Once I did, I made some very positive changes in my life - both personally and in my career.  I've returned to church and introduced my son to religion.  I also received a big promotion at work which rewarded me with more money and traveling opportunities.  I also returned to school to finish my MBA.

About my divorce - a couple more weeks and it's final.

I know that eventually I will see the light at the end of this darken tunel, I know time will heal my heart, I know I will meet someone else.

Mr. Wonderful was the first man I dated since my husband and I split up 3 years ago.  I usually kept all men at arms length - but Mr. Wonderful broke down my wall and I need to thank him for that as well.

I will not call him.  He knows my number and he knows where I work.  If he wants to talk or return my clothes he knows where to find me.  I did all that I could do without appearing desperate.

Two months gone by and still no word from Mr. Wonderful

December 7th 1999. It's me again...the woman who wrote this question. 

UPDATE - My divorce was final 3 weeks ago and Mr. Wonderful called me 4 days after it was final.  He just wanted to know how I was doing.  Then a few days later we ran in one another for the first time at my work.  It was weird and all the feeling I thought I put to rest suddenly resurfaced again.  We are NOT back together - I do still love him, but I can't figure him out.  Why did he call me?  Why did he send me a Christmas card?  Then he vanishes out of my life for the 2nd time.  Just when I thought I was over him and had moved on he makes contact with me - then leaves again....

I'm tired of games

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