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I went out with this boy Carlos  for almost 6 months..We broke up because he caught me on the phone with another guy friend. Carlos got the impression that I was cheating on him.

Many people have told me he was with other sister even caught him telling his friend that he would show him his new girlfriend later..he said it was a joke and knew I would find out,I forgive him but didnt forget.

I always took him back..I feel in love with him and want him back.. I didn't cheat on him, as he is as little jealous..he still talks to me and acts more than friends sometimes..

Ihostsm.gif want to go back with him but I dont know how to approach him. Do you guys have any ideas and do you think I should still try to get him? Sorry its long  just wanted to tell you guys everything :-)

 - Love Sick

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Let's see, woman (although it sounds like a girl - doesn't it remind you of high school? You know, my friend told me he told her he only did that as a joke, blah blah) wants to get back together with jealous guy who's treated her like crap in the past. Why don't we females ever learn? If a guy is jealous, treats you badly, RUN the other way, and look for good ones. What will it take for us to gain enough self esteem and self respect to value ourselves enough not to put up with crap from guys? I ask you!!!


Oh come on Linda, we've all had at least one Carlos in our lives! I remember mine.  When I look back on what I put up with, it's pathetic! But I thought I really loved him.  What I know now that I didn't know then was that I just didn't think enough of myself to walk away from the jerk.  I wish women (or girls) like lovesick could have the hindsight that other girls like us have earned the hard way.  From the sound of her note though, she wants to go back....don't you think?

I know, I've had quite a few Carlos' in my life. Of course she wants to go back...she thinks she loves him. I think she doesn't know what love is. The feelings you have for someone who treats you badly and is jealous aren't love, it's a desire to prove to yourself you're loveable by "getting" someone. I'd say, don't try to get him back. Move on!


That's right, I know because it happened to me.

readerTF.gifMe too.  I'd say move on and stay strong, because the minute she discovers she doesn't need him, he'll be back at her.  Ain't love grand?

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