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The part where Linda says:

 ...that it's good to have doubts before you get married and thatshe should still marry the man she loves.

 I agree that the fairy tale of "Mr. Right" is almost unachievable, but, that doesn't mean that her fiance is the one for her.  Although marriage is hard work and there will bumps along the way, but you have to ask yourself: "Do I have anything in common with the person I'm marrying?"  The fact is that if there are more uncommon factors,  as your relationship matures, you WILL grow apart both as friends and lovers.  You have to consider whether or not love is enough.  After a while sex will become irrelevant, the children will move out, and you two will be left alone together.  You'd be suprised how many people's marriages break up AFTER an entire lifetime together.


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