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I had a loving JEWISH background living until I was 13 with my Jewish Orthodox grandparents as well as my parents and being brought up religious.

My dating years were interesting – there was a group situation  from the time I was 13 until I was 20, where we moved to, and all the teens hung out together, and we partied at each other's homes, shared a community room downstairs.  None of those guys interested me, though, so a group of us in high school would go to college frat parties to meet guys.  

I graduated high school at 16 and didn't date until I got to college, where it was 1968 – OH MY GOD – sex and drugs and rock and roll, well, maybe a lot of rock and roll and a little of the others.  But lots of interesting men.

I am 50, and have been married 29 years to the same wonderful, difficult man. I have a wonderful 20-year-old angel-girl in college, a sweet 8-year-old boy-devil with physical and emotional challenges, and 2 parents, one with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), and the other with Bipolar Disorder (manic depression) whom I have to deal with.  I love all my family and it is a challenge EVERY DAY dealing with regular life and their multiplicity of pecadillos.

Relationships Should Be Loving

Relationships must be loving, all of them, for to exude a loving nature makes the world around you a better place.  I believe in spirituality and warmth and giving.

I have a multi-generational challenging family life which has given me quite a lifetime of experience to share.

Still Crazy After All These Years,

Female, age 50, USA



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