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 who is Mare?

MareLet me tell you a few philosophies I have about love.  Ten years ago, when I reached the age of 30, I said "Oh my God, I'm not married.  What is to become of me?"   I figured my love life was over.  I went back to graduate school, met lots of people, dated until I was 38 when I met my partner.

 Where do people get that stuff about being too old?  From sitcoms? 


  • Philosophy #1: You're never too old, too boring, or too ugly to find love.  
  • Philosophy #2: There are as many ways to have relationships as there are people.  

There are gay relationships, straight relationships, open relationships, etc. ­ you get the picture ­ and certain types of relationships are right for certain types of people. 


Mare, your advice is incredible!

Finally, there's the one about men and women.  Not all women "find a man and hang on to him" as Dr. Laura would say.  (By the way, I disagree with almost everything Dr. Laura says.)  Not all men "need their freedom" and so on. 

  • Philosophy #3: Don't believe all of the gender stereotypes.  Leave them for the sitcoms.