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My Problem Boyfriends

Many people think that the amount of relationship experience you have depends on the number of relationships you have had. Which is not true. I have had a couple of boyfriends, however I managed to experience every possible problem with one boyfriend.

I used to think that we never needed a man or a woman to live our lives. But the truth is that to be happy, you do need someone to love and vice versa. And that's probably why I feel that I would be able to help people concerning relationships because I have gone through too many emotional experiences that it would be a waste to not let other people benefit from my mistakes.

My #1 Rule

My philosophy and number #1 rule concerning relationships is that, no matter what, you always have to make yourself happy first, as long as it isn't at the expense of your beloved. If you aren't happy, then your partner won't be.

My Own Problem

My problem has always been that I have too much pride. But, as you and your partner grow, you learn to tell the difference between pride and selfishness. But to give you my general rules would be difficult because every situation is different and everything is based on experience and circumstance.

I Won't Tell You You're Right If You're Wrong

I feel that I can certainly help people because I choose to stay unbiased. If I feel that you are wrong, then I won't side with you because you are my friend or a woman. A lie can only hurt you more. I also believe that since I am a stranger and have no emotional ties to the people that write to this website, my help can only be for the best of the relationship.

My beliefs are my beliefs. They may not be right, but that is how I view life. If I am chosen, I will not tell a person how to live their life, rather open their eyes to different possibilities. No matter what a doctor, or a therapist, or even a panelist says, you are going to live your life how you see fit. The only thing any of us can do is show them all the choices we always have but sometimes never see.





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