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I am 18-year-old student in the UK. At the end of the year I will be heading for Bristol University to study computer science, after which I hope to do web design. My interests include going out, music, and computers.

My Relationships

I have had a few relationships in the past, all of which didn't satisfy me and so I broke them off after a few days. I have also had a lot of rejection in the past which affected my self-esteem quite badly.

Now, though, I am in my first long-term relationship with my boyfriend who is 28. Although there is a distance of some 50 miles between us, we are much in love and have been together now for a year and thee months.

However, I have had - and still have - a very bad problem with jealousy. Because of this, the relationship has suffered, and we have broken up two times before now. Recently, though, things have been going quite well - so I am hoping its a case of third time lucky.

My Philosophy

I believe everyone has a right to a happy relationship and has a true love somewhere. I think all relationships should be a balance of give/take, trust, respect, love, attraction, humour and compatibility. Although these factors can be hard to find in a relationship, if both partners make effort, then nothing is unachievable.

My Point of View

I feel that as a person of many issues, i.e. mistrust (unjustified, may I add), jealousy, and insecurity, I have a good insight to the problems which relationships can face.

I also have experience in having a long distance relationship, and also with dating someone much older. Although I have difficulty applying my advice to my own relationship, I find I'm able to give good advice to other people, seeing things from both perspectives.

The reason I feel I am good at this, is because I have seen how my emotional issues affect both myself and my partner.

I have also seen from those who are close to me, the effects of other kinds of problems within a relationship. Therefore, although I do not have a great history of relationships, I believe I do have a good amount of experience about love.




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