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Former Webmistress Cynth

Cynth's Obligatory Bio:

What I Did

From August 2000 to January 2002, I was the nerd who laboriously converted your form submissions (er, questions and feedback) into

  • text-formatted
  • spell-checked
  • data-based
  • subtitled
  • hyper-linked
  • graphics-decorated
  • size-optimized

web pages.

I was also the default "Guide" to statutory rape.

Tell the One Now in Charge

PLEASE contact Mr. Sensitive at if you find

  • errors,
  • broken image icons,
  • dysfunctional links,
  • malfunctioning forms,
  • misspellings,
  • browser incompatibility,
  • accessibility problems,
  • usability glitches,
  • weird text symbols,

or anything else behaving strangely with this website.

What I Did Before This

I graduated from Auburn University with a BFA in Theatre Technology (specializing in Costume Design and Construction), with double minors in English and Radio-TV-Film. I should have majored in web design, but I graduated just minutes before Tim Berners-Lee and Marc Andreesen revolutionized the Internet.

For about a decade, I clothed and costumed Halloweeners, brides, Mardi Gras krewes, and beings both animate and inanimate in painstaking, custom-patterned, couture-inspired garments. HTML seems like a natural progression of my skills in pattern drafting.

Whom I Love

If you really must know about my personal life, suffice it to say that I'm SO nerdy, I met the love of my life via an X-Files message board. We live with an impudent orange cat named Hawkeye.

What I Love

When I'm not at the computer, I'm reading about it. I've read (and highly recommend) Designing Web Usability by Jakob Nielsen and Matt Wright's CGI/Perl Cookbook.

For entertainment, I (big surprise) surf the 'Net, watch The X-Files and Star Trek reruns, read philosophy and science fiction, sing in two church choirs, listen to classical music, play the piano very badly, and search antique stores for old sewing patterns.

Nuts and Bolts

I'm proud of the work I have done for this website and I'm honored to have been part of a way for people to put technology to non-technological use.

Apparent to anyone who looks at our page source, we use Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.0 and BBEdit 6.0 to generate webpages. We use Fireworks 4 to optimize and generate graphics from Adobe Illustrator 11 files. Pages are tested with Netscape Communicator 4.7 and Microsoft Explorer 5. Everything is done on a Macintosh – either with a "Wall Street" PowerBook or dual-processor G4.

What I Don't Do

Mr. Sensitive is the guy who

  • created the site
  • chooses the content
  • deals with the tech geeks who run the server
  • buys the hardware
  • manages the Panelists
  • designs the interface
  • installs the software
  • creates the art work, and
  • corrects my mistakes.

Email him at for your questions about content and why I should get a huge raise. ;-)

Contrary to popular belief, his appellation refers to his sensitivity toward others, and not necessarily his sensitivity to personal remarks.

I'd like to go on record stating that he is one of the best bosses I've ever had, and I owe him a debt of gratitude for giving me this fabulous opportunity to learn about interface design in practice.




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