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Advice Sisters

THE ADVICE SISTERS are relationship experts and syndicated columnists dubbed "The Ann & Abby for the new millennium.

An oasis of love in a big, cruel world.
The Romance Channel - THE online kissing resource!
Virtual Kiss - The online kissing resource!
Ideas and tips for spicing up the romance in your relationship.

What they say about us:

Dating Faces

Jackie Malin of Dating Faces says:
"I love your site and intend on reading the advice from top to bottom..."

Inet Silver Award

"...Your illustrious troop of answermen and women are certainly responsible for giving it its 'human' quality. ...We particularly liked the way that you provided differing opinions on each of the team's pages with their little caricatures...."

Gold Rose Award

The Gold Rose award is given to romance, love, and interpersonal relationship sites which excel in Content, Design, Usability, and Security.

Reader Arly
It's given me a lot of hope to realize that I'm not the only frustrated and sometimes lonely person out there.
A panel of non-experts answer relationship questions. MTV, WGN- TV, and magazines and newspapers all over the world can't all be wrong when they say that this is the place to get relationship advice.

This was a cute site, that offers some great information for people who need advice in the areas of love and relationships. They also offer an ongoing novel which was pretty interesting.


Pick of the Week (July 5, 1999) "Or break out and visit Love and Learn, where you can read the answers to common relationship questions. Submit your own question if you must, but avoid mentioning your desire to wear wet corduroy in public.".

One of the coolest dot-coms on the web
San Diego Union Tribune
The "Mr. Sensitive" title, you see, was bestowed on the San Diego professor by his wife... He didn't publicly embrace the name until last year, when he launched Love & Learn, a Web site devoted to men, women and relationships.

WGN News
4 out of 4
Third Age
Let Cartoons Play Cupid
 Hilfe für hormongeplagte Surfer
Yahoo magazine
The site's squiggly animations recall TV's Dr. Katz, as does Sensitive's soothing motto...
Reader Kassia
You and your panelists must be fallen angels...
The easiest way to find the best on the web
Diario de Noticias
Site of the day. (Diário de Notícias)
Mare's advice is incredible.
Access 4stars.gifThis amusing site gets a thumbs-up for its witty style and talk show feel.
Een van de leukere relatiesites.
Eve of Heartpath
Eve Eschner Hogan of Heartpath: "'ve approached a common topic in a fresh, unique and entertaining way and your humorous style is very compelling!"

I would like to praise this site. It has been the best I have found as far as relationship issues because it's not just blank advice, it's real. I also love the pictures and the different views for advice.

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