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Mr. Sensitive Asked:

What is your favorite Valentine's Day memory?

FoxyWhat's a Panelist?

The Regular Panelists are all real people. Their biographies are true. The points of view that they express are their own and they are sincere. The caricatures are my interpretation of their physical appearance. Only their names have been changed to protect their professional reputations.

Panelists are considered for promotion to the Senior Panel when readers like you nominate them and they have fulfilled the below requirements.

LeftyWhat's a Senior Panelist?

The Senior Panelists are the nuts and bolts of Love & Learn. They have answered at least 20 questions and have shown great committment to the site. Senior panelists are adored by panelists and readers alike. Their advice is always right on the mark and polished to perfection.


Guest Panelists What's a Guest Panelist?

Guest Panelists are readers who have volunteered their time to answer questions for Love & Learn.

What's with the paper bags? It's not because they're ugly! It's because Mr. Sensitive certainly can't create a caricature without having first seen what a panelist looks like.

A Guest Panelist can be promoted to the regular Panel after they have answered several questions and proven their committment to the site and our readers. They are considered for promotion when readers like you nominate them.

Mr. Survivor What's the Retirement Home?

The Retirement Home is the final resting place for panelists who can no longer contribute to Love & Learn. They are missed, but their advice lives on to help new readers every day.



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