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The following people have volunteered their time as Guest Panelists for Love & Learn. We really appreciate their work and we hope you enjoy their contributions.

What's With the Paper Bags?

It's not because they're ugly!

It's because Mr. Sensitive certainly can't create a caricature without having first seen what a panelist looks like.

Perhaps if our readers write to Love & Learn to tell us how much they appreciate a Guest's advice, that Guest Panelist may be invited to become an official Panelist, and so lose the anonymity of the paper bag.

Male Guests

  • Brian: "Building a career, going to school, meeting so many other people, leaving school, and changes inside are just a few examples of reasons why long-term relationships are hard to make work at a young age."

  • Harry: "It doesn't matter how good looking you think the other person is, or how great the sex is. If you can't express your feelings to each other, things will fall apart.."

  • Griff: "The most valuable lesson I've learned (from any relationship with a female) is to pay attention, and to be sensitive."

  • Indigo: "I believe that each relationship a person is in is a 'stepping stone' to who they eventually fall in love with."

  • Krispy: "I'm jealous, but also the sweetest guy in the world (according to my friends). "

  • Luka: "I believe that if you want to paint paradise you must be honest and gentle with yourself and in turn it will radiate onto the person you love."

  • Roopz: "I live in London, United Kingdom at the moment with my family, but I am going up to university in a few months up north to Yorkshire."
  • Sarge: "You have to also examine the "dark side" of relationships."
  • Skuzzie: "When two people connect, age, religion, ethnicity or eyelash color should not matter."
  • Spanky: "I think about what's good for the individual, and not necessarily the relationship."
  • Unknown: "What I've done for your website has caused tension between me and my girlfriend."
  • William: "Life experience has taught me that love requires a great deal of effort and hard work. It's not something to enter into lightly."

  • Yuppie: "Call me a 'rebel' if you want, but I truly believe in following your heart and doing what's right and fair."


Female Female Guests

  • Annabelle: "I was raised in a dysfunctional family with a mother who was an alcoholic."

  • Ashlee: "I believe that trust and communication are very important in a relationship."

  • Becky: "My past relationships have been very rocky. I have been through it all, cheating, abuse, you name it."
  • Bodacious: "Some days I despair, feeling my life has been a failure because I do not have a husband or house or career. Other days, when the surf is up and my artwork is having an impact, I cannot imagine any measure of success greater than this freedom."
  • Catalina: "You should have sex if you want to and don't be pressured to anything you don't wanna do."
  • Elsie: "I'm openly bisexual. I'm struggling at the moment with issues surrounding this."
  • Hanna: "Don't cry over your mistakes, learn from them."
  • Ivy: "I believe that Jesus Christ is the answer for every problem and situation."

  • Java: "I owned a coffeehouse for six years - complete with Open Mic Night, brass & copper cappuccino maker and a love for slacker boys and girls."

  • Jen: "I'm 22-years-old, been through 2 unforgettable relationships that changed my perspective in life."

  • Jennifer: "I have studied counseling, had counseling myself but mostly I have a kind heart."

  • Jully: "Sex is not the most important part of a good relationship."

  • Kristea: "I am 14-years-old. I was hoping to give the older generation a younger person's view."

  • Lauren: "I attended a Catholic single-sex school for 10 years, which taught me to be both rebellious and independent."

  • Lena: "My ultimate fear is that I might be alone."

  • Maryanne: "I am a born-again Filipino Christian but I live here in Jeddah."

  • Miaka: a 16-year-old who likes to draw and thinks every relationship needs TRUST.

  • Natalie: an 18-year-old female, who thinks men are pigs, but she loves 'em anyway.

  • Nisan: a 23-year-old musician from Israel.

  • Noel: a 29-year-old who believes you should never compromise your beliefs or morals just to keep someone in your life.

  • Orbit: "I think the most important thing in a relationship is that both people have to be ready to step up to the plate and make it work."

  • Poet: "..after many years and plenty of difficult experiences, I found the man of my wildest dreams through"

  • Precious: a 19-year-old who is getting married in 2003.
  • Ray: "I figure I have my whole life to have sex, and would like to save it for someone I really care about."
  • Sasha: "I am a 27-year-old female. I am an open-minded, considerate, good natured person who is occasionally overoptimistic."
  • Summer: "If I have enough money to pay my bills and go out and have a good time every once in a while then my life is great."
  • Sydney: "I have 2 children and a marriage that varies from wonderful to horrible."
  • Victoria: "God forgives whoever asks for it and whoever is willing to make a full commitment not to do it again."



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