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Back to what triggered this response.


You and your panelists must be fallen angels. I am so glad that I found your website because after reading the many questions and answers to love problems, I have believe that whatever advice I get I can use it to help me in making decisions about my relationship.

This kind of site is so useful to people who don't know who to turn to or want a second opinion. What makes it even better is that people get advice from several panelists, so a person can get different point of views on their situation and then can form his/her own decision on what needs to be done.

Hopefully, my question will be answered soon, and  I thank you for actually taking the time to focus on individuals like myself and help them think about and sort out our feelings so we can take it from there and make the decision that is best for us. Love hurts, but others who are willing to help can ease the pain.


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