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Rediscovering her independence Her philosophy: Have Fun! Brit Experience with long distance relationships What's the Retirement Home? What's a panelist? Join the panel! Ask a question! What they say about us What's a senior panelist? Very afraid of people who meet in chat rooms. Gothic Bob Married with kids She's a dancer! Former party animal Queen of snappy answers The school teacher Has mostly women friends Living with a younger man Almost a doctor Life's messy, be prepared A married woman who still enjoys the ladies Married twice Hasn't found that special girl, yet The panelist formerly known as Hollow A victim of modern dating A chivalrous lawyer She's been the cheater and the dumpee Met her ex-husband at age 14 Loud & hyper Professional Dater See the bios for our guest panelists Writer Been there, done that. Former webmistress Jersey Gal Dedicated to her family and their issues Friendly but sarcastic A real human being No Nonsense The Ttransformer Small town girl Her name says it all Trusting & sensitive Single Mom Our first panelist couple Your lovers are like clothes... ? good-girl-turned-independent-woman Flexible She likes dogs She loves cats The first young guy on the panel Held prisoner in an office Prettier than her icon First YOUNG panelist Makes herself happy first. Not drawn to scale. College student The very first guest panelist More Sensitive than Mr. Sensitive. One of the most active panelists Cranky One of the original 4 panelists One of the original 4 panelists One of the original 4 panelists One of the original 4 panelists Your Host


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