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I am a Black woman in the education field. I am single, no kids and have been dating since I was 16, more than half my life,and have been in almost any dating relationship that could come up.

I think dating today is very difficult mainly because people are waiting longer to settle down and expect so much more from their relationships. I want love, fidelity, friendship, passion, orgasms, partnership, security, a good father for my children, and someone with a cleaning compulsion would't hurt (I guess we know why I'm still single)!

When I was 25, I still wanted to find the "one", but I didn't realize that there was more to it than being in love. That was not a fun lesson.

My philosophy about relationships is that it is kind of like archery. You decide what is important to you, and naturally you begin to recognize it -- then you let the arrows fly! And you stop wasting energy when you don't see it. I find that little by little my aim is getting better.

I don't really expect to find someone with all of the attributes I mentioned above, but wouldn't it be fabulous to find 70%?

I didn't look up all of the panelists, but I believe I am the only single woman my age. I have dated men older, younger, racially diverse, rich, poor, been the cruncher and crunched.

Believe me, I am the Queen!



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