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Should I be a macho man?

Dear Panel,

A few months past, my girlfriend broke off our relationship to be with another man. That was painful, but the realization that ALL my ex-girlfriends have left me for other men dwarfed that initial pain.

I consider myself a gentleman who attends their every need. My guy friends have told me that they break up with me because I'm too much of a wuss. They continue to say that I should become a macho control freak; "women say they hate it but they secretly love it".

When I've asked my platonic ex-girlfriends, they say it was their fault that the relationship ended, it was nothing I did.

The fact that all six major relationships ended this way makes me feel it's my fault, and I don't think acting  like a macho jerk will help any future relationships. HELP!

 - Stuck in a bad loop


Don't change


Women only want REAL men


You need to find more equal matches

Don't be a Neanderthal, just find the right type of women

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