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I have a problem (duh)! 

I dated this guy for about 2 years.  After we broke up, he found out that I had cheated on him, but then I found out that he had gone out with his ex after we had broken up, but while we were still talking (and intimate).

  We were both wrong, but he acts as if he is innocent and he places all the blame on me.  We still talk, go out, don't see other people and etc.  as if we were a couple, but he says that he doesn't know if he can trust me enough to get back together with me?

I love him too much to let him go.  I have even tried to go out with other people, but I always end up crying & missing him when I'm with someone else!  Any advice?


 Lonely & Confused

Mare Answers:

I am much more concerned about you than about your relationship with your boyfriend.  Why did you cheat on him in the first place?  Why are you crying when you go out with other people?  Why are you going out with other people?  Step back and take a look at who you are and what you want.  If you want a commited, monogamous relationship with this guy, then ask him to trust you and forgive you.  In return, you need to be

It takes time to build broken trust

aliciaLtin.gif faithful to him.  Seriously consider moving away from this relationship -- it sounds like the trust is gone.

The Social Pressure of being Alone

A word about NOT being in a relationship.  Our culture has made being alone a condition to be pitied and sometimes ridiculed.  That's absurd.  The time you spend alone is time

She could use this time to think why she cheated on him in the first place

aliciaLtin.gif you spend learning about yourself and getting to know lots of new people.  It makes you much better prepared for a healthy relationship, if and when you decide to be in one. 


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