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Why am I pretty and alone?


Dear reader,

Oh puhleeeeeeeze.  Why is it that the grass is always greener?  I'm trying to empathize...aargh...aaahhhhh...nope can't do it.  Not being one of the pretty people, I am not sure how this is supposed to work. 

Are you a flower just sitting in a field waiting for some shallow, callous bee to buzz in for pollination?  Or are you a mature individual who can actually make decisions, discerning what you are looking for in a guy, and pursuing someone who YOU find is interesting?

Sometimes I wish that all I had to do to meet babes is hang around in my shorts while watching TV and answer the phone when they call up.  And then I realize that it would only be those shallow women who would call.  (Just kidding; I've tried it and nobody calls).

Shy Guys Are Intimidated by Other Men

Reader Bas

I've never looked at it that way

It is a common misconception that us shy, nerdy guys, the kind you are looking for, are intimidated by pretty women!  That is bull puckey. 

Other MEN intimidate us!  That's right, we're intimidated by the swarms of aggressive, swaggering, preening, macho men who beat us to the flower. 


it's not a matter of pretty or ugly

I'll take that opportunity when some gal smiles at me, talks to me, or gives me some slight indication that even though she's cute, she's not stuck-up and would not be displeased at meeting ME rather than those other swarming men.

Decide What You're Looking For

The bottom line is that you have to decide what qualities you are looking for, eliminating those guys who are not a match.  And you have to put some miniscule effort in letting the right guys know that you could be interested in them.



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