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How come I'm pretty and alone?

Mare Answers:

Dear reader,

The problem may be in the way you're approaching this – do you want to attract or act?  Here's how it works: 

Attraction Approach

Let's say that you decide you want to get a new pet.  The attraction approach says:

  1. Put out a bowl of pet food,
  2. See what it attracts,
  3. Keep whatever animal shows up. 

Action Approach

The action approach says:

  1. Go to an animal shelter,
  2. Meet all of the animals,
  3. Adopt the pet that is right for you and loves you.

Same thing applies to approaching (human) love.  You don't want to set out a bowl of prettiness and take whatever shows up. 

My Method for Meeting the Right Person

You want to choose  the man that is right for you.  To get started, consider my yet-to-be-patented method for meeting the right person:

Be Genuine

Be genuine and kind with all of the men you meet. This includes your co-workers, your friend's brother, the guy you meet at a party, etc.  Today's friend may be tomorrow's lover.

Don't Reject Them Because They're Not Cool


Exactly! Give us shy & nerdy guys a chance.

Judge each man on how kind, thoughtful, and interesting he is not on how good looking, cool, or highly paid he is. (I went through a phase where I rejected most men for not being cool enough for me.  This kept me from dating for years.)

Stay Away from Negative or Unavailable Guys

Quickly move away from men who are negative, mean, unavailable (e.g. married, gay) or who ignore you.

Let Him Know

If you find someone great, let him know.  He may be shy.  Many of the good ones are.

Have a great time, and stop worrying about it.  It WILL happen!



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