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Dear Panel,

I have a friend and we've been seeing each other for 2 months, if that's what you want to call it.  One minute he is real nice and the next I just want to kick his butt.  Is this his way of not getting too close or is he already? And notyelbtblk.gif admitting it? Please help!!!


A Reader Responds:

Dear Confused - ? So am I!?  

One minute he is nice, and the next minute you want to kick his butt?  So, are you saying that you don't like it when guys are nice, or are you saying that he has wild mood swings and turns nasty after being nice? I will assume that he gets nasty with you after you think he is a nice guy.

The next question is, why do YOU think he gets nasty.  Do you provoke him to be nasty by what you say or do, or does he get irritated over nothing?

Assuming that YOU have nothing to do with this guy's moodswings, I would suggest that you RUN, not walk, to the nearest exit.

If you are doing something that irritates him and causes him to turn nasty, I would suggest that you RUN, not walk, to the the nearest exit.

The guy is probably a control freak who wants to keep you off balance.  He is likely afraid of intimacy, as you so aptly suggested, and unless you like kicking someone's butt all the time, you probably are not a match.  You deserve to find someone who gives you good feelings 95%

I agree, but I think 83.3% will do it.

aliciaLtin.gifof the time, and who is sensitive about your feelings, which doesn't sound like it is this guy at all.


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