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Dear Panel,

I have a friend and we've been seeing each other for 2 months, if that's what you want to call it.  One minute he is real nice and the next I just want to kick his butt.  Is this his way of not getting too close or is he already? And notyelbtblk.gif admitting it? Please help!!!


Mare Answers:

You left out one important detail.  Do you want this friend to "get close"or not?  Think this question through very carefully before you proceed with anything else.  Sometimes you get so wrapped up in the "Does he or doesn't he?" conundrum, you forget that a relationship with this person might not be so great.

One thing to consider in your decision: make sure that the nice-to-butthead ratio is in your favor.

Too low, he should be nice at least 95% of the time

singletin2.gif He should be "real nice" at least five times more often than he's doing his "kick butt" thing.  If you feel like he's being a butthead a little too often, why not continue being friends and forget about anything else?

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