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Dear Panel,

How do I know if he's being friendly or if he really fancies me? yelbtblk.gif


Mare Answers:

Mostly because us guys, don't know.

singletin2.gifShort answer: You don't.

Slightly longer answer: My partner calls it "vibes"-- something you feel.  But he's from California and Californians think everything has to do with vibes.  Perhaps it has something to do with living that close to the San Andreas fault.

There's something to be said for vibes, but sometimes you just can't tell.  I think you may need to be a little more direct.  If you think he's flirting with you, why not ask, "Are you flirting with me?"

This might scare someone off. Why doesn't she tell him how SHE feels.

aliciaLtin.gifUsually, the flirter will tell you whether he/she is or not.  Then you've got to decide what to do about it ? but that's another question, isn't it?

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