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Dear Panel:

I'm having a hard time trusting men.. I have been lied to sooo many times that I am beginning to not believe anything men tell me.

Now a man I work with says he really wants to get to know me and keeps telling me how much he thinks we "belong together".


I really like him but don't believe the things he is telling me!.. HELP!


Lefty Answers:

Uh huh.  Well, I'm not sure why Mr. Sensitive forwarded this one to me for an answer.  Obviously a male should not be advising Ms. Untrusting.  It's like the old Star Trek conundrum, if I were to say, "I'm lying, am I telling the truth?".

Anyway, I have a problem with half of the human race being lumped into one category or another.  There is a tremendous diversity among men and among women.  My friends, both men and women,  tell me the truth and are trustworthy.  What do your friends seem like?  Are they good people?  Do you attract romantic interests AND friends who lie to you?

The answer is that some men are trustworthy and some are not.

Yes, but most men are assholes.

  singletin2.gifIt is up to you as a discerning adult to figure out who is and who isn't. 

I agree, that is so true.

singletin2.gifGood luck.




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