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Dear Panel:

I'm having a hard time trusting men.. I have been lied to sooo many times that I am beginning to not believe anything men tell me.

Now a man I work with says he really wants to get to know me and keeps telling me how much he thinks we "belong together".


I really like him but don't believe the things he is telling me!.. HELP!


Mare Answers:

Run -- don't walk -- away from this man immediately.  I can tell from your letter that he is far too dangerous for you.  "Belong together" indeed!

Hey! Sarcasm is supposed to be my bag.

singletin2.gifThat charlatan is surely after your money or your estate.  But seriously...

You should let yourself love him with wild abandon. 

But if you take it slow enough, there is much less risk.

aliciaLtin.gifOf course there is risk. Love is always risky.  Even when both parties are completely committed, things can go wrong.  Romeo and Juliet found this out the hard way, I dare say.

I agree, love is risky.

  aliciaLtin.gifBut even R&J felt that living a short life with love was a far, far better thing than living life without love.

Just take things slowly.  Get to know him and don't move in

Now, you tell me!

katie.giftogether after two weeks.  This will help you both build trust.  It will also help you figure out if this is the right guy for you.  Maybe he's not to be trusted, then again he may be your Romeo.


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