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Dear Panel,

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 6 months. We are really serious. This is my first really serious relationship, and it is like nothing i have ever felt before. This comming year, however, he is going to collage, and I will still be in high school. We are less than a year apart in age, but 2 years in school. I am afraid that we will be living totally different lives, which will cause us to grow apart. I dont want to loose him, but I am afraid that this difference will cause us to break up. Is there any way I can help prevent this from happening. afraid of heartbreak

Mare Answers:

There isn't any way that you can prevent this from happening.  It may happen. It may not.  There is no question that you both will grow.  The best thing to do is enjoy what you have now and continue your relationship for as long as it makes you both happy.

Just remember that if things don't work out, there are other serious relationships for you in your future.

I disagree, it worked for me.

  readerTF.gifI shed many tears when my high school boyfriend and I split up.  I will always think of him fondly and know that we had true love.  But if I had stayed with him, I might have missed a lot of the adventures that were waiting for me out there.    There are lots of adventures for you, too.

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