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Dear Panel,

I have a problem starting conversations with girls and when I do, I have nothing to say.  The other night a friend of mine introduced me to a friend of hers and I had no idea what to say and how to start a conversation.  I need help really bad and please don't give me an answer of being myself


because that's the problem.


Mare Answers:

Here's one thing I know you shouldn't do.  Don't say, "If I told you you have a beautiful body', would you hold it against me?"  It's such a cliche.

I think that a good way to start a conversation.

aliciaLtin.gif This friend of mine did a lot of research for her dissertation about flirting behavior among humans.  She told me that the best opening line ? by far ? was

Editor's Note: This line is only appropiate if your name is "Tom". Otherwise, use your own name.

aliciaLtin.gif "Hi, I'm Tom.  How are you doing tonight?" This was the line most likely to result in the couple having a sustained conversation and perhaps more later. Now that I think of it, you ALREADY have a lot to talk to the next one about. You could tell her that you wrote into

As I said to anonymous camera operator, that can be an effective line.

singletin2.gifLove and Learn for advice on how to talk to women.  Then you tell her what we said and ask, "Do you think they are right?"  If that doesn't take off, ask her, "What are some funny pick-up lines that you've heard?" "Have you ever gone to the Love and Learn site?" and so on.  In fact, I'm already so fascinated by this conversation, I wish I could be there to see how it goes. Practice starting up conversations with lots of people.  It will be easier when the pressure's on.  You're going to be great!

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