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Dear Panel,

My long-distance boyfriend(I live in Texas, he's in Canada) of over a year recently broke up with me when I went to visit him. He says that I'm 'everything' he wants and needs, but doesn't think I'm the 'one'.

This is very surprising, because we were 'unofficially engaged'(engaged without a ring) for quite a while, and had practically planned every part of our wedding except the date. I never see him (of course) but I know I still love him..he says that because he didn't love me in a year, we must not be right for each other, but I know 'You Can't Hurry


Love'..What should I do?

tearful texan

Alicia Answers:

Dear Tearful Texan-

What exactly was your relationship based on?  Were you an Internet romance?

He just sounds immature.

maretin.gifYour letter just sounds a little strange and much too naïve to be legitimate. 

First of all, if he says you're not "the one", why would you want to continue on with him?  He's being honest and maybe he's confused, but if he doesn't have the same feelings as you do, would you really want to spend your life with somebody where everyday you must try to coerce him into loving you back? 

Let it go.  You are not even in the same country!!! This should make moving on easy at least you won't run into him with somebody else.  Get your own life, your own interests, and meet somebody who can love you as you love them.


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