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I recently met a girl who was involved with another guy who was obviously stringing her along.  She told me she loved him, and needed to pursue the relationship.  He has since broken up with her, and she appears to be in a deep depression.  I called her only once to let her know I was thinkning about her and to tell her evrything will be okay. 

What could I do to get her to look to me as a prospective boyfriend?  Should I send her flowers or a letter, and what should I say to her when I call?  I don't want to pester her, or get her to hate me, but she is very beautiful and smart and will have no problem finding a new guy.  I WANT THAT GUY TO BE ME!  Please help, thanks!yelbtblk.gif


Jody Answers:

BE VERY AFRAID! I'm not sure what you mean by recently but if this girl was really in love with her ex and he broke up with her, she probably is not ready to get involved with you or anyone else.

I agree - I can't think about anyone when I am broken hearted.


Give her some time. She needs a friend right now much more than she needs a boyfriend. Invite her to ball games, the movies, the beach. Steer clear of romantic things.

In time (weeks, months) you can let her know that you are interested when/if she is ready. You only need to tell her this once! Be careful to avoid badgering her or making her feel pressured. You will not do yourself any favors if she jumps into a relationship with you when she is not yet over him.


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