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I recently met a girl who was involved with another guy who was obviously stringing her along.  She told me she loved him, and needed to pursue the relationship.  He has since broken up with her, and she appears to be in a deep depression.  I called her only once to let her know I was thinkning about her and to tell her evrything will be okay. 

What could I do to get her to look to me as a prospective boyfriend?  Should I send her flowers or a letter, and what should I say to her when I call?  I don't want to pester her, or get her to hate me, but she is very beautiful and smart and will have no problem finding a new guy.  I WANT THAT GUY TO BE ME!  Please help, thanks!yelbtblk.gif


Mare Answers:

This is a tough one.  On the one hand, you don't want to pressure her while she is getting over her break-up with Mr. Evil.  Everyone needs time to grieve.  On the other hand, she may get grabbed up by someone else (Mr. Rebound) if you don't make your move.

I'm going to go with the give-her-some-space option.  When I'm broken hearted,

I agree - she needs time.

singletin2.gifI can't think about anyone other than the slimeball who dumped me (or the slimeball that I dumped for being a slimeball).  I even lose interest in Antonio Banderas (temporarily). After a while, I get over that and have my eyes open again.

You should continue to be supportive of her and see what you can do to help.  Consider this a chance to help another human being; a reward in itself. 

For advice on how to let her know your feelings see the answer to Love Lorn.

guestFtin.gifBe careful not to view this as a ticket to her bedroom.  

It is very possible that she will bypass you for someone else when she feels like dating again.

Many girls make bad choices because they are dumb.

  singletin2.gifIf she does, this has nothing to do with you and has everything to do with the choices she makes.  She may chose men who are unavailable or unkind.  If this happens, find someone who loves you.  She's out there.


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