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Should I mess with guy to get him out of my system?

Dear Panel,

A few months ago I became interested in this guy and I dumped my bf for him.  The guy and I almost had sex but I stopped it while we were in the middle.  I found out a month later that he had been going with another girl for 4 years but to him they don't go together to her they do.  She is pregnant with his baby, but I still want him. 

On the other hand my best friend brought my ex back into the picture and she wants me to be with him but I want to be with the other guy.  I know that I could never have a relationship with the other guy and I think I am willing to accept that. If I was to call this guy up right now we would be together within a few hours. I know this is not best for me but do you think I should just mess with him to get him out of my system then move on with my life?  I am so confused and I need help.  I know my ex is better for me but I am not physically attracted to him but I am attracted to the other guy.Please help.

stuck on stupid -------------

Do not have kids.

Get a life

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