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Dear Panel,

Should i get jealous if my best friend likes the guy i used to date?



Mare Answers:

No, you shouldn't get jealous.

That's easy to say but it is hard to stop the feeling.

  singletin2.gifThe key here is that you used to date the guy.  His dating habits are none of your business.  (And your dating habits are none of his business, either.)  Being jealous is just going to make you miserable.

But it might be awkward watching your best friend pursue the guy you used to date.  If it's too painful for you, you may want to ask your friend to do it when you're not around. Or, you may want to hang around with other people for a while.

It is the unspoken rule, YOU DON"T DATE YOUR FRIENDS EX!!!!


You've got new adventures ahead.  New guys to date.  Don't put your focus on this guy -- he's ancient history.


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