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Should I plan future with married boyfriend?

Dear Panel,

Hi, I'm a 23 y.o female who met a wonderful guy 6 months ago. We both fell for each other quickly and moved just as fast.  4 months into the relationship I find out he is in a very unhappy marriage and wants out of the marriage.  I was shocked and unbelievably depressed I listened to my friends and tried to move on regardless of his sincere feelings for me but it's hard to move on when that person became your best friend and he won't leave you alone, and I wasn't sure I wanted him to leave me alone. 

We quickly started making plans for him to get out of the marriage and move in with each other and just recently the stress of him being married and other things have caused many arguments and the truth is I'm not sure I want to have a future with him anymore, yet I can't stand being without him. 

I hate being so wishy washy but I've broken it off 3x and he doesn't leave me alone until I give in and reconcile and promise him a future with him.  He also gives me a guilt trip by saying  he's giving up everything to be with me?!@! That is why I'm trying to make things clear BEFORE he makes these big deciscions.

This is way too much for me I would really like to keep him in my life just as friend maybe date casually but deep down I know he's not the one for me, so why do I get depressed when I'm away from him even though he drives me crazy??  What do I do to get my life back on track?? Please help asap. Thanks.

Too Confused

Dump him; he's a user.


Get away from this guy as fast as you can.

I will write a kiss-off letter for you.

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