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Dear Panel,

I have been living with my current boyfriend for almost 4 years.  Everytime I bring up the subject of marriage, we end up in a fight, with me upset and him angry.  He says that he doesn't have the money to get married, but yet I see he has no problem saving for other things he wants.  We just went to two weddings where he gave $500 to each couple as a wedding gift.  [...]

Is this the conduct of a guy who I am to believe when he says that he wants to spend his life with me, but yet when the subject comes up he gets angry, and doesn't want anyone at his reunion to know that I exist? [...]

By the way, I'm 30 and he will be 29 next week.  We have a year to go on our lease.  I told him that this is the last year that I will sign a lease with him


without being engaged.


Lefty Answers:

Dear Abby220,

The way you write your question makes

I think it's pretty clear too.

aliciaLtin.gif it perfectly clear to me what you should do.  It also seems like it's perfectly clear to you with your embedded rhetorical question.  I mean, what possible answer could I give you to "Is this the conduct of a guy who I am to believe..."? ComeonComeonComeonComeon. 

I'm not a genius and you certainly don't have to be one to answer this with a "NO".  The worst thing that could happen is that you marry this guy.  Do you think his behavior will improve with marriage?

Look at it this way.  He's doing you a big favor here by not wanting to marry you now.

But don't wait the year.

aliciaLtin.gif All you have to do is let him have the lease and any roommate he wants, while you go out, meet some decent guy and get your own $500 wedding presents.


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