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Should I kiss ex who's dating my ex-friend?

Dear Panel,

well, um.....i went out with this guy for about 11 months and we broke up over something stupid. And now it's been 8 months since we're not together. But he just recently asked out this girl, and was one of my close friends!(well not anymore) and they've been goin out for about 2 months. like 2 days ago i went to my friend's house and he was there also and we started to get close again. but like 2 weeks ago the girl that he's goin out with almost cheated on him. so when we were cuddling at my friend's house i asked him if he's only with me to get back at her and he said no. he still loves me! and i just wanted to know if i should kiss him or do even more things with him when we get close again? Because i still love him and i still want him back! 


p.s. i hope none of this is confusing you guys!

Decide why you really want him in the first place.


Cool it temporarily.


Only if you are the only girl for him.

I think you didn't understand my situation


Boys tell girls things that they want to hear.

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