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Why does my husband play sex roles online?

Judith said:

Maybe he feels freer expressing his fantasies on-line - which would make sense, since fantasies are usually that and often there is little desire to actually act on them.

Reader Forrest Responds:

You Can't Have an Online Fantasy with Your Wife

I agree, because online relationships are so easy and exciting. You can't have that fantasy with your wife, it's just not the same. And the reason he's doing it is because he knows he'd never meet any of them.

I also think men are always trying to see if they can "do better" and meeting people online is a great way to tell if you really like someone, because you can't see them so you have to talk to them to get to know them, you can't just hang out and have sex all the time.

Virtual Sex Is a Wondrous Thing

But I think it's nothing to worry about – he's just experiencing another side of sex that many people think is wrong or are too afraid to try. Virtual sex. It's a wondrous thing as long as you don't take it too seriously and you said he's only done it a few times, so there's nothing at all to worry about. It's the sex chat addicts that need help, not your husband.



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