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What do girls really like?

Mare Answers:

Nick, stay with it, my friend.  If high school doesn't pay off, college will. And if college doesn't pay off, life after college will.

guestFtin.gif You are right, everyone peaks at different age.

There was this really nerdy guy I knew in high school in Michigan.  (I'm not saying that YOU are nerdy, I'm just using this as an example).  Now he's a bigwig advisor to President Clinton and probably has as many women as he wants.

guestFtin.gif See Lefty, there's still hope for you.

Guys who are really popular in high school don't necessarily end up being the happiest people in the world.

There are a few things you can do now, if you're just too impatient to wait.  Lucky for you, I have a yet-to-be-patented method for meeting the right person (previously published at this very dot-com):

  • Be genuine and kind with all of the women you meet. This includes your co-workers, your friend's sister, the girl you meet at a party, etc.  Today's friend may be tomorrow's lover.
  • Judge each woman on how kind, thoughtful, and interesting she is and not on how good looking, cool, or highly paid she is.  Quickly move away from women who are negative, mean, unavailable (e.g. married, gay) or who ignore you.

    To see how scared girls can be check out Grossie Pointie rookie

  • If you find someone great, let her know.  She may be shy.  Many of the good ones are.

Find a Girl Who Likes You Back

Reader Atomic One And how do you find someone who likes you back? How can you even tell?!!

You're never going to make girls like you.  Besides, you only need ONE to like you -- not all of them.  Pick one who likes you back.  Works out really well that way.



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