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Dear Panel,

Hi I am 16 years old and my boyfriend is 18 going on 19 on DEC 4th. My parents don't know that I'm dating him. Well a few weeks ago he asked me to marry him and I said "yes". I do love him and I want to be with him forever. But do you think its to soon for me to be engaged. Oh I should mention I already got the engagement ring.

really confused and lost (I'm blond)

Lefty Answers:

Dear Really Confused & Lost,

Oh please, if this is a real letter and not an imaginary fancy, I would first advise you to dye your hair,

Are you saying that blonds are dumb?

yelbtblk.gifstay in English class, and read fewer romance novels.  Yes, I do think it's too soon for you to be engaged.  If you don't feel secure enough about this to tell your parents, how can you be ready for marriage?  And why does this guy want to rush you both to the altar so quickly?  Can't it wait until AFTER high school, for goodness sakes?

I hope it was a nice ring.



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