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Will I lose my boyfriend to cybersex?

Mare Answers:

Dear Grizzy,

Self-Esteem Comes First

Your self-esteem should be your first concern.  Try to think about what you want from the relationship, instead of worrying about how your boyfriend will react to your reaction.  You also need to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (especially HIV), if he is having real world sex with other people.  Take care of yourself.

He May Not Be Gay

Lefty Regardless, is Grizzy a guy or a girl?

I'm sure a lot of people will jump to the conclusion that your boyfriend is gay.  This may be true. (This was the unanimous conclusion of my gay male friends, but they have a tendency to think that everyone is gay.) 

However, it may be true that he is bisexual or straight.  Believe it or not, there are some straight men whose sexual fantasies go beyond the boundaries of Playboy Forum.  This could include fantasies about other men.  (Shocking, isn't it?!)

Judith But saying - "Not for me thanks" is hard.

Here's the key: ASK HIM.  Ask him how he is feeling about you and your relationship.  Ask him what's going on with nude pics of men.  Ask him if he thinks he might be gay.  Then once you've got the information, see if it fits with what you want for yourself.  Don't accept anything less than what is comfortable for you.

You deserve to be in a loving relationship.



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