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Dear Panel,

I've been with my boyfriend for two years.  We both just started college at colleges that are only twenty minutes apart.  At first we were doing good, but now he says he needs time alone and he does not want to go out with me right now.  It is driving me crazy.  I miss him so bad, but i don't want to be desperate and get on his nerves.  He says he still loves me a lot, but he just can't do this right now.  How can I understand him and what should I do?

 I can't imagine being without him.  We have shared so much together and I'm not ready for it to be over.  He refuses to talk about this in person because he says it's different when we're together and that would make it harder on him.  Should I make him see me, at least if it is to end it? He said he doesn't know if he made the right decision and I think that seeing eachother will help him see that it is


a mistake

heartbroken in college

Mare Answers:

Here you are in college.  Here you are surrounded by dozens of smart, nice, funny, charming, and available men.  Never again in your life will there be such a bounty of available men all in the same place at the same time.  As the Weather Girls once sang, "It's raining men.  Hallelujah!"  The sad part is that you only have four years to get to know them all.   What a shame.

Your ex-boyfriend is just getting in the way of your finding one of these men who wants to be with you.

He is probably pushing her away because he got the same advice you are giving her. Maybe he wrote to our evil competitor - "Love & Lose"

  singletin2.gifYou should probably let the ex down easy by sending him a letter saying good-bye.  (Since he won't see you, this is the only way you're going to be able to close that chapter of your love life.)  Saying goodbye is going to hurt, so it will be a good idea to make new friends at your school, cry on a few shoulders.

When you feel better again, carpe diem.


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