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Dear Panel,

I dated a friend of mine over a year ago (Note:he's a guy and I'm a girl). After we broke up we decided to have an open relationship which recently ended. We stopped being friends for a while (it was my discision...I needed time and space).

Now we're trying to rebuild the friendship that we've always cherished but dating each other seems to still be an issue for both of us...I still have feelings for him though I'm not sure how strong his are for me. But I don't want to risk the friendship over a third chance. Any advice?

Also, he was very hurt when I said that I needed time and now he's being kind of distant....it seems to me that he's still hurting. Do you know of any way that I can get him to stop hurting so much from what I've done? Thanks for any advice that you can offer.

– Hopefleesy Confused

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