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The Panelist said:

Lots of women love their men regardless of IRS status.

A Reader Responds:

I agree. Eric, I dont know where you got that idea, but there are plenty of women out there (me included) who only want a nice, honest, decent guy who is willing to work at a relationship.

You Haven't Met The Right Girl Yet

One reader brought up a good point; are you looking only for physical qualities? If not, and you truly are looking for a nice girl who is right for you, you should be fine. I just think you came across the wrong girls.

It's About Personality, Not Money

Just keep looking, and remember, when it comes down to it, a woman will end up marrying YOU, not your paycheck. The wrong man for a woman, personality wise, will not make her happy. I don't care if he's Bill Gates.

Just keep this in mind. There are plenty of women like me out here that feel this way :-)


Female, age not given, USA



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