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Dear Panel,

I am a very nice guy, nice looking, own my home have a fairly good job but don't make a lot of money. Are there any women today who are looking for love and not income, and if there are  where are they???



Lefty Answers:

Dear Eric,

Are you Jewish and live in SoCal?  If so, give it up.  No, never mind, if you lived in SoCal then you wouldn't have been able to afford the house.

In our society women are becoming relatively more affluent. Unfortunately, the traditional perception that a woman has to find a man

You have been watching too much TV.

aliciaLtin.gif earning at least as much as her, and hopefully much more, has remained.  This tends to limit the old dating pool.  Yes, us men are all around, and if women could pay attention to inner strengths as well as outward income, perhaps more matches would result.

But the answer to your question,

Yeah, look at Evon.

aliciaLtin.gif Eric, is yes, I do believe that there are a lot of wonderful women out there who are interested in the right kind of guy for them.  However, I might ask you, are you the kind of guy who is only looking for outward physical beauty, or are you looking for a woman with wonderful inner qualities?



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